It all started with a common love for street food and community, followed by an illuminating trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam...

Zosia and Esther-Hanna crossed paths in 2012. They discovered that not only had they both just graduated from Tourism Management, they were also going to North Sulawesi that summer (a remote province in Indonesia where Esther-Hanna's family is from). Thrilled that they were going to be there at the same time, Esther-Hanna invited Zosia to stay with her family.

Once there, they connected over home-cooked dishes, such as Esther-Hanna's aunt's sate, local fish and tropical fruits. Maybe it was the raw thrill of tasting new foods, or the warmth of the family atmosphere, Zosia felt at home instantly. Through that, a new friendship was born.

Zosia and Esther-Hanna in North Sulawesi, 2013


After Indonesia, Zosia headed to Vietnam where she joined her very first food tour. Saddled at the back of a trusty scooter and guided by a local, they zig-zagged through the lively streets of Ho Chi Minh, feasting on local delicacies.

That experience opened Zosia up to dream. She decided to start a street food adventure for like-minded travellers who are curious about Amsterdam's street food and daily culture. But first, she remembered somebody who first gave her a taste of 'home' in a foreign land... And Esther-Hanna said yes. 

On a sunny July morning in 2013, Zosia and Esther-Hanna spread their wings and received their first guests. Through word-of-mouth, Hungry Birds grew in strength. Feeding became a glorious full-time vocation.

It's been six years since the Hungry Birds journey began. And they have had the pleasure and joy of sharing countless stories, memories, laughter and delicious food and drinks with Hungry Birds from all over the world.

Here's to more. :) 


Zosia on her first Street Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2013

Amsterdam, Summer 2019

Amsterdam, Summer 2019