(Monday to Saturday ~ 5 hours)

Our Daytime Original is our initial street food adventure first created in 2013 and developed on daily basis since then.
It feeds you the Dutch 'eat-ssentials'. It's the thing to do if you are dying to know the answers to questions like... What the heck is Dutch food? What do Amsterdammers eat? How do they live? Ready to find out? Fly with us!


DAYTIME east €89

(Wednesday & Friday ~ 5 hours)

So, you've tried all the typical Dutch street food and you're wondering, "Is there more?" The answer is a resounding “yes”! Our Daytime East Experience is surely for you. This is an experience suitable for the seasoned Amsterdam traveller or the returning Hungry Bird looking for the 'more'.
Come eat, enjoy, walk and explore the East with us!

hb market-4455-768 copy.jpg

€ 79

(Tuesday to Saturday ~ 3 hours)

Are you in Amsterdam just for a quick visit? Would love to join us but simply don’t have enough time? How about a shorter version of our Original Daytime Experience? Try out our 3-hour street food adventure in De Pijp. All the essentials combined especially for you around the Albert Cuyp Market and De Pijp area.



(Thursday to Saturday ~ 5 hours)

If you want to experience Amsterdam during the magic sunset hours, join our Evening Experience. It's an exciting stroll through our beautiful city filled with delicious foods and drinks that locals crave for in the late afternoon and early evening. We bring you to diverse places to enjoy the best of Amsterdam. And of course, there will be booze.


 (Sundays ~ 5 hours)

Who says you have to stick to boring hotel breakfast on sleepy Sundays? If you know where to go, there's good stuff out there. Our Sunday Experience aims for a tasty and relaxed start of the day. Let us take you to the must-eat street food stalls and specialty shops of our city. We guarantee you will not leave hungry.