[...] de Pijp was an easy and relaxing adventure with a lovely small group of folk. The foods came from a few small cafes and shops in addition to the market which kept things surprising and we ate from a number of nationalities. Sweet and savoury, fruity and spicy, gooey goodness and crunchy yumness. Lot’s and lot’s of really really good food. [...]
— Suzie R

Hungry for a 3-hour food adventure through the lovely little urban village of De Pijp? Originally a poor workers’ neighbourhood, De Pijp has now become very popular and gentrified. Today it has inhabitants from all over the world and from all walks of life. The renowned Albert Cuyp Market and its surrounding ‘gezellige’ side streets can be considered the soul of this neighbourhood.

During our experience through De Pijp we will combine the traditional Dutch dishes (herring, stroopwafels, kroketen) as well as the melting pot of different ethnic flavors of Amsterdam. Whether it’s Dutch, Indonesian, Surinamese... Sometimes surprising - but never disappointing… So don’t forget to enjoy yourself, stay open-minded and try it all.

So, ‘Eet smakelijk’ to our delicious adventure in De Pijp!


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When: Tuesday to Saturday starting at 10.30 or 11.30 (occasionally at different times)

Duration: About 3/ 3,5 hours

Where: De Pijp Area

Meeting point:  Albert Cuypstraat 75. The exact meeting details will be sent upon booking.

Price: €79 per person

What’s included:

* All food and drinks served during the experience
* Your mother bird taking (good) care of you
* Stories about our local family businesses, food, the market and daily life in Amsterdam


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