"A food tour is, in my opinion, the best way for you to get to know the character of a city, its real face." - Andre, Portugal.


"I have been on over 10 food tours around the world and this was the best one so far!" - Adrienne, Dallas.


"What was incredible was the guides relationship with the stall owners - it really felt like you were visiting extended family members you had never met!" - Ania, York, UK.


"This being a tour of food, the most interesting thing about travel, I was immediately intrigued. OH BOY was I glad my boyfriend & I did this!!" - Roxanne, California.


"This was a highlight of my visit to Amsterdam. Because of the small group, it felt very casual and personal, like a friend showing us around the city." - Jenna from Seville, Spain.


"I loved this tour! I am not a traditional 'tour' person and tend to avoid tour companies. However, this was not a traditional tour: it was more like a get together with friends." - P. Simeon, Sydney.


"Our previous visit to Amsterdam was a food disaster. I'm so glad we found Hungry Birds for this years visit!" - Stephenie, Oregon, USA


"This was unquestionably the highlight of our week in Amsterdam" - Kat, London.


"I found their website online and was quickly moved by their concept and value towards food and sharing." - Andes, Hong Kong


"I would do this again in a heartbeat, definitely worth what we paid, don't be put off by the price - it is DEFINITELY worth it, can't recommend this highly enough." - Franki, UK.


"Make sure you come to the tour on an empty stomach because there is A LOT of food to be consumed!" - Rachael, US.


"We got to taste the real Amsterdam!" - Wsunnyt, Florida.


"Everyone visiting Amsterdam should try this tour, a fun and tasty way to explore the city!" - Johanna, Sweden.




Dear Hungry Bird,


We are delighted that you are planning a trip or day-out in Amsterdam! The city that stole our hearts and will probably steal yours too. So be warned. ;)


We are a small, young & personable travel company. We like to call ourselves the "mother birds", who would love to feed you, our "Hungry Birds" (the hungry travellers who fly from all over the world) to explore Amsterdam, with our passion for Amsterdam, traveling, sharing (street) food & drinks. (Ah that explains the name!)


Think of us as your local friends with whom you eat, drink and explore. Amsterdam feels like a big village and we would love to show you this city through our eyes. So nope, we are not your umbrella-wielding guides.


So why street food? Well. To us, street food is more than just delicious grub from market stalls and the street side. We were inspired by our travels through Asia. That is where street food also represents a feeling. A feeling of gezelligheid, authenticity, hospitality and lovingly-prepared offerings created by locals who are passionate about presenting their city, hearts and souls on a plate (sometimes napkin). On our street food & drink tours, you will find exactly that, sometimes at unexpected places. It is an opportunity for food-loving people to connect with one another and share stories about culture, travel and daily life.


That is why we believe in the universal language of enjoying (street) food combined with stories, culture, and a good time. We have created Hungry Birds street food experiences that connect you right to the heart of Amsterdam through immersing in its street food culture and daily life in an open, casual and creative way. The Hungry Birds groups are purposefully kept small to make sure that it feels personal and conversational.


You will be discovering our city together with other food-loving travelers from all over the globe, supporting the smaller family-owned businesses, enjoying stories behind them and Dutch 'gezelligheid' (a word loosely translated as coziness and warmth). It is more of an interactive food adventure. So please, just be yourself, connect with other travelers, ask questions, share some humor and stories, inspire and be inspired.


So what are you waiting for? We would love to meet you. Come join us on our food (and drink) adventure!


With love,


your "mother birdies" in Amsterdam


"Traveling - It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta



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From the drool-inducing aroma of the chocolate cookies made with passion by Vera.. the 'lekker' (delicious) specialty beers served at Amsterdam's beloved bars.. or the incredible tastiness of Ruud's freshly-made original Dutch stroopwafel.. to the simple joy of sharing your most memorable food experiences with other like-minded travelers.


It's ❀ the little things ❀ that make all the difference in your travel experience!


If you love street food, drinks, stories and culture, and the above sounds right up your alley, spread your wings and decide with which birds you would like to fly:


The HUNGRY BIRDS EXPERIENCE – a street food adventure that combines the best of the local market and the city. During our food adventure we will visit around 11 locations, tasting Dutch as well as ethnic specialties. Buckle up and get ready to fly with us!


The SUNDAY BIRDS fly to mostly small family-owned businesses, as well as typical Amsterdam specialty shops around the city center. Skip the tourist traps and savor the good stuff with us.


The THIRSTY BIRDS is for our thirstier travelers with a special focus on local and regional craft beers. A late afternoon experience that leads you to a mix of four typical Dutch and unique bars with impeccable craft beers and traditional Dutch ‘hapjes’ (snacks).


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